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Organization. Organization. Organization. How organized are you?

Organization is critical in our personal lives, our workspace, our schedule, our finances, and a list of other areas.

Decisions determine our destiny, and our decision ability is only as good as the information we have to make decisions with. The other factor is luck, and some people like to call that gambling. Some people may enjoy some risk and gambling, but today, we want to talk about using informed conclusions to make decisions.

You may have information available, but it may be unorganized and hinder you from making the BEST decision. If someone were to present an opportunity to you that could transform your life, and you are disorganized to the point where you don’t know if you could implement, or take part, you may miss out.

How much time could be saved when meeting with an investment adviser or CPA if all your statements and financial information is organized. You can get to your meetings’ core objectives quicker, giving you and them more time to discuss the most critical aspects.
Think of your schedule. If it’s unorganized and someone asks to meet with you or set an appointment, how much more professional will it look if you can give them a specific answer right there and then.

Organization is key and can assist in a variety of ways.

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